It all started like this

Hello world!
Having interrupted my studies in architecture, I packed my bags and started doing some graphic work in Afghanistan during the late seventies. Making menus in exchange for cakes, decorating houses that offered me a bed, I enjoyed the simple pleasures of village life at the feet of the Bamyian Buddhas.

On returning to Europe I finished my studies in philosophy, bought a Fat Mac, walked and did not look back. Graphic design felt like a good idea.

It still does.


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I design projects, talk to customers as well as emtpy waste baskets. A few years ago I employed five people, now I am back on my own (but still call myself "creative partner"). I believe in new beginnings and the power of a good laugh.

A recent fun project was a set of five stamps I designed for the Belgian Postal Services. One of them included horse manure which so far nobody has noticed. As a web designer I believe in coded language in more than one way.

On a note of more personal creativity I have performed in Parsifal at the Brussels Royal Opera La Monnaie in a production of Romeo Castellucci. That was interesting because I hated Wagner but loved the Italian director.

When does something become clear to the point of turning mysterious? (I'd like to find out) — Who calls the shots, the client of the designer or the end-user of what he makes? (What do you think?) — With on the one hand a creative idea and on the other one an attractive fee, what will I choose? (I don't know) — Coming back to Wagner, why do I now consider the Prelude in Parsifal as some of the best music ever written? (I say this about a lot of music and still it's true) — Do I really believe that art, design, all things beautiful and intelligent can change the world for the better? (Do you?) — If tomorrow there will be no more tomorrow, will I still play hard?

Will the most important thing always be the thing that is just around the corner? — Is it you?

Did you also notice that spelling mistake?

Your message has been sent. Thanks for taking the time to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!

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Marc Herman
Gerard Vander Lindenstraat 8
3000 Leuven

Phone:+32 16 28 48 48